Company history

Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH from 1958 to date

1958Dr. Joachim Hänsler applies for OZONOSAN® as a registered trademark.
The first medical ozone generator provided with exact dosability: OZONOSAN PM 58
1959The first patent is granted.
1968Major autohaemotherapy as extracorporeal blood treatment replaces intravascular administration forms
1977Dr. Renate Viebahn-Hänsler joins the company and takes over the sole company management after the death of Dr. Joachim Hänsler in 1981
1978Relocation to the new company building located within the industrial area of Iffezheim
1979First TÜV symbol “Checked Safety GS” granted by TÜV Cologne
1980-1995New product line OZONOSAN PM 80, 83, 90 is launched on the market
1985The practical handbook “Ozon-Sauerstoff-Therapie” is published in German language
The micro-bubble system for major autohaemotherapy is patented throughout Europe, other patents follow
1995-2006The „Ozon-Handbuch“ (Ecomed publisher) including the scientific basis is published as loose-leaf compilation and soon becomes the reference book on medical ozone
1998-2008Italian pirate copies give rise to a completely new OZONOSAN concept: Photometric ozone concentration measurement is incorporated: OZONOSAN alphaplus, photonik and boardcase
1998Certification according to the new European directive 93/42EEC by TÜV cert Cologne
2007-2009“The Use of Ozone in Medicine” is published in English language and “Ozon-Sauerstoff-Therapie, ein praktisches Handbuch“ is published as completely revised and complemented new edition (Haug/Thieme)
2008Anniversary: 50 years OZONOSAN with International Congress and „Kunstpreis OZONOSAN“
2012-2013Guidelines of ozone therapy are published internationally:
Laying the foundation for international acceptance of medical ozone
2014-2015An EU patent was granted for the “Combi Set”, the safety bottle adapter required for major autohaemotherapy.
2016OZONOSAN cytozon designed for dentistry applications is launched on the market
2017-2018The publication “A clinical evaluation and evidence classification of the systemic ozone therapy.“ received the Harvey-Rosen Award for being the best ozone publication in Ozone: science and engineering 2015/2016
2018Anniversary year: 60 years OZONOSAN
2018-2019“Ozon-Sauerstoff-Therapie: Ein praktisches Handbuch“ is published as a completely revised and significantly enhanced edition in German, English, Spanish, and Turkish languages.
2020Robert Viebahn takes over the management of Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH
2021Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH trades under the name of Hänsler Medical GmbH
2022Hänsler Medical acquires Kastner-Praxisbedarf GmbH and Humares GmbH. Jonas Renz joins the management
Milestones of the Hänsler Medical gmbh

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