Company history

Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH from 1958 until today

1958Dr. Joachim Hänsler applies for and receives OZONOSAN as a registered trademark, and the first medical ozone generator with an exact dose regulator for ozone/oxygen mixtures is put onto the market: OZONOSAN PM 58
1959The first patent is obtained
1968Major ozone autohemotherapy in the form of extracorporeal blood treatment replaces intravascular applications
1977Dr. Renate Viebahn-Hänsler enters the company, and is later to assume sole management after the decease of Dr. Joachim Hänsler in 1982
1978The company moves to its present premises in the Iffezheim industrial estate (at that time the first building in an otherwise empty landscape)
1979GS security testing by the Industrial Standards for Medical Technology undertaken by the TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) Köln/Cologne
1980-1995Units of the new product line, i.e. the OZONOSAN PM 80, 83, 90 are put on the market
1985The book “Ozone Oxygen therapy, a Practical Handbook“ is first published
1990-1995The “microbubble” system for extracorporal ozone autohemotherapy is patented on a worldwide basis, other patents follow
1995-2006The “Ozone Handbook“ (publisher: ecomed) forming the scientific basis of medical ozone is published and soon becomes the standard handbook for medical ozone
1998-2008A completely new OZONOSAN concept:
The photometric ozone concentration measurement unit is integrated, the result: OZONOSAN alphaplus, photonik and boardcase
1998Certification is carried out in accordance with the new European Guideline 93/42EWG by TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) cert Köln/Cologne
2007-2009The 11th edition of the “Ozone Handbook “ (ecomed) is published,
“The Use of ozone in Medicine” appears in its 5th English edition, and
“Ozone Oxygen Therapy, a Practical Handbook“ in its 2nd German edition (Haug/Thieme)
200850th anniversary of OZONOSAN (OZONOSAN PM 58) with an International congress, the exhibition: OZONE IN HISTORY AND ARTS and an OZONOSAN Prize for Arts for young artists from the University Nürtingen, faculty for art therapy
2012-2013The Guidelines for the use of ozone in medicine had been published in an international, peer reviewed journal, basis for international acceptance of medical ozone
2014-2015The Combi-Set, a new safety adapter for bottles used for the Major autohemotherapy, has been accepted as EU patent
2016OZONOSAN cytozon for the use in dentistry is launched
2019-2018A clinical evaluation and evidence classification of the systemic ozone therapy is published and honoured with the HARVEY ROSEN AWARD by the International Ozone Association IOA in 2017
201860 years anniversary of OZONOSAN
2018-2019The Use of Ozone in Medicine, a Practical Handbook 2009, is published as a completely revised and expanded edition in english, german and spanish