Care products with ozone

Oxaktiv – CAre Products with ozonized olive oil

Care products containing ozone for bio-revitalisation

Hänsler Medical uses its long-standing experience gained in the field of ozone/oxygen therapy for skin care. Its products are both suitable for daily care as well as to support wound healing.

When applying the cream onto the skin, ephemeral hydroxyhydroperoxides are formed in conjunction with the water content. By stimulating the cell metabolism, enzymatic antioxidants can be regulated and free radicals can be scavenged and deactivated.
The cream is especially suitable as cosmetic product for problem skin, as active oxygen will stimulate the cell metabolism and thus allows for sustainable skin vitalisation and regeneration (anti-ageing effect).The ozone cream does not contain any preservatives. Thanks to the bactericidal and fungicidal effects of ozone these are superfluous.

OXAKTIV anti-aging

Ozonisiertes Olivenöl


As daily intensive care, or to complement other cosmetic products. Ideal for sensitive or problem skin.
The gel is waterproof and protects the eyes against dehydration.

Apply a thin layer of gel onto the cleansed skin.
Also ideally suitable as after shave care or to relieve sun-damaged skin.


  • Active oxygen complex stimulates cell metabolism
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Skin revitalization
  • Traps free radicals, eliminates stress factors, protects the skin from aging processes



The ideal complement for your ozone/oxygen therapy.

Apply directly onto the affected area and allow the skin to absorb.


  • High skin compatibility
  • Active oxygen supports tissue regeneration
  • Soothing and disinfecting effect
  • Stimulates wound healing

Stimulation of cell metabolism

By stimulating the cell metabolism, enzymatic antioxidants can be regulated and free radicals can be scavenged and deactivated – processes suitable to regenerate and revitalise tissues and to protect against accelerated ageing (anti aging) processes.

No preservatives

Thanks to the bactericidal and fungicidal effect of ozone, also referred to as active oxygen, no preservatives are required. According to extensive clinical testing and numerous studies the ozone cream from Hänsler Medical offers very high skin compatibility. It is thus also suitable to cure skin impurities and ideal for sensitive skin.


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