Ozonized water and its action principle

For medical purposes, ozonized water will act disinfecting and wound-healing, not only for dentistry applications.

Wasser, Luftblasen, Ozonbehandlung

The medical application of ozonized water has a long tradition with regard to wound-healing, mouth rinsing and presurgical and postsurgical disinfection. Ozonized water kills bacteria, fungi and viruses. For water treatment , ozone has been successfully utilized for more than 100 years.

For topic application with regard to all kinds of infected wounds, fresh, surgically cured injuries, the use of ozonized water is increasingly gaining importance. Ozonized water, for example in the form of compresses, is able to rapidly and significantly relieve pain, acts disinfecting and anti-inflammatory for acute and chronic wounds, whether infected or not.

How is ozonized water generated?

Ozone is optimally effective in water: Thanks to its polar structure it perfectly integrates into the grid structure of water, while hydrogen bridge bonds stabilize ozone.
As a rule, freshly prepared ozonized water is used in twice distilled water, which can absorb a maximum of 24 µg of ozone per millilitre of water at room temperature and regular pressure.

Ozongenerator photonik mit Wasserozonisierungsgerät

One litre of water is bubbled through a water column with an ozone/oxygen mixture over a period of 10 to 15 minutes. The ozone/oxygen mixture is produced by means of an ozone generator.
The finer the gas bubbles, the more effective the ozone concentration per millilitre of water will be.
Overdosage with ozonized water is impossible, as the solubility of ozone in H2O is limited to approximately 24 µg/ml.

Ozone concentration in water

Ozone concentration and ozone decay are extremely dependent on water quality, temperature, the ozone concentration within the generator gas, pressure ratios, material, form and height of the water column.

The half-life of the ozone concentration indicates the time that passes until the ozone concentration has been reduced to half.
In freshly distilled (twice distilled) water at a temperature of 20 degrees, the half-life of ozone approximately amounts to 10 hours. If cool storage is provided, the half-life can be prolonged to several days. However, in practice lower water qualities are used, thus leading to much faster reductions of the ozone concentration.
In order to take advantage of the effect of ozonized water, we recommend to always freshly ozonize the water.

Darstellung der Halbwertzeit von Ozonwasser

Ozonized water for dentistry applications

For dentistry applications, ozone should always be used in the form of ozonized water. Due to its disinfecting properties it is widely used for periodontology, however primarily for oral surgery.

Dentistry applications

  • Mouth rinsing in case of gingivitis, periodontosis, thrush and as physiological saline solution for ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • As ozonized water spray to clean buccal mucous membranes, especially in interdental spaces
  • For oral surgery
  • As ozonized water jet to clean prosthetics and for surgery and implantology applications

When is ozonized water applied?

Besides dentistry applications, ozonized water is also used in the form of compresses for general medicine or surgery applications.


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