Ozone generator OZOMED smartline

Ozongenerator OZOMED smartline
ozone generator ozomed smartline

The versatile ozone generator from OZOMED

The OZOMED smartline is characterized by its highly compact design and excellent performance. With an adjustable ozone concentration between 1 and ≤ 80 μg/ml, all common treatments such as local ozone/oxygen injections, ozonized water (with water ozonization device), major and minor autohemotherapy, rectal insufflation and bag treatment can be performed.

The OZOMED smartline is only available in selected countries.

Product highlights

  • Easy handling via colored touchscreen, supporting multiple language options.
  • As a tabletop unit, ideal for applications in small and medium-sized medical practices.
  • Powerful catalyst for safe ozone destruction.
  • Low maintenance with above-average product service life.
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany.
Ozongenerator OZOMED smartline

Areas of application

The ozone generator OZOMED smartline is suitable for a variety of applications. The following treatments can be carried out:

  • Major autohemotherapy
  • Minor autohemotherapy
  • Rectal insufflation
  • Bag treatment
  • Ozone injections

Technical specification ozone generator OZOMED smartline

Ozone generator OZOMED smartline
Device setupTabletop unit
Mode of operationNormobaric infusion technique
Ozone concentration1 – 80 μg/ml
Flow rate0.9 l/min
Operating pressure1 bar
Vacuum pumpUp to -0.7 bar
Water treatment with ozoneOptionally available
Dimensions [WxHxD] 42 x 19 x 39 cm
Weight9.8 kg
Electrical data100 – 240 V AC; 10 – 50 Hz; 1.2 A; Protection class I
Warranty2 years in Europe
technical specifications of ozone generator ozomed smartline

Product data sheet ozone generator OZOMED smartline

The product data sheet contains all important information on the OZOMED smartline ozone generator.

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