OZONOSAN Water Ozonization Unit

The optional unit for the treatment of water containing ozone.

The OZONOSAN Water Ozonization Unit is no stand-alone product, but only available as accessory for ozone generators. When connected to the take-off nozzle it allows for simple and safe production of ozone water. For this purpose, approximately 1 litre of aqua bidest is bubbled through with ozone/oxygen mixture of the set gas concentration at a water column of approximately 40 cm.

Attainable ozone concentrations in water do not depend on the processing duration, concentration of the ozone/oxygen mixture of the ozone generator, water quality and water temperature. At a duration from 5 to 15 minutes and a set concentration of 100 respectively 60 to 80 µg/ml, a ozone concentration in water (aqua bidest, 20°C) of approximately 18 to 20 µg/ml can be achieved.

Subsequently, ozonized water can be drawn from the sampling tap. Ozonized water allows for entirely safe handling. There is almost no degassing so that no ozone is evaporated to ambient air. Neither is there any risk of overdosage, as the applied ozone quantity is limited by the ozone solubility in water. Excessive ozone is catalytically reverted to oxygen.

Ozongenerator photonik mit Wasserozonisierungsgerät

Product Highlights

  • Compatible to OZONOSAN ozone generators
  • Water ozonization with optimum ozone dose and filling level
  • Highly efficient catalyzer system, auto-regenerative as essential prerequisite for efficient, local production of ozonized water

Therapy methods

The medical use of ozonized water also has a long tradition. Ozonized water acts as disinfectant and is readily applied to support medical treatments. The medical use of ozonized water also has a long tradition. Ozonized water acts as disinfectant and is readily applied to support medical treatments.

  • ozonized water for external application acts fungicidal and anti-bacterial and has good wound-healing properties
  • rinsing of the mouth cavity and cleaning of the oral mucosa
  • cleaning of infected wounds
  • ozone water compresses to cure burns
  • ozonized water also has a favourable influence on skin fungus

Technical specification OZONOSAN Water Ozonization Unit

OZONOSAN water ozonization device
Device setupStand-alone unit
Mode of operationCompatible to all OZONOSAN ozone generators
Ozone concentration18 to 20 [µg/ml]
Ozone withdrawalSampling tap
CatalyzerPowerful, vapour-resistant, exchanged without the need for tools
Water treatment with ozone1 l aqua bidest at a water column of approximately 40 cm
Dimensions [WxHxD]9.8 x 67 x 25 cm
Weight3 kg without water
Electrical data230 V AC; 50 Hz; Protection class II
Warranty2 years
technical data OZONOSAN water ozonization device

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Ozone generators in comparison

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