Ozone generator boardcase

Mobile ozone generator for flexible use of ozone/oxygen therapy

As for all our ozone generators, also for the boardcase the concentration measuring module constitutes the key component for quality assurance.

The mobile unit is often applied for sports therapy, home visits or as secondary device for the doctor’s practice. With its concentration range between 1 and approximately 50 µg/ml the system results ideal for all systemic applications as well as for topic injection techniques. The integrated vacuum pump with variable negative pressure settings is particularly suitable for low-pressure O3 gas applications in decubitus or diabetic ulcers, for example with patients confined to bed in homes and nursing care units.

Optionally, the ozone generator can additionally be equipped with a water ozonization unit. Ozonized water can be used and all systemic applications, such as autohemotherapy, rectal insufflation etc., can be performed by means of the OZONOSAN boardcase.

Ozongenerator OZONOSAN boardcase

Product Highlights

  • Ergonomically designed ozone generator
  • The ozone generator can either be operated by means of the internal 1l oxygen bottle or the external oxygen bottle
  • Continuous and exact concentration measurement within a range between 1 and 50 µq/ml
  • The concentration measuring module ensures the safety of patient and therapy
  • Adjustable volumetric flows, adjustable high-performance pumps
  • Highly efficient catalyzer system, auto-regenerative as essential prerequisite for an effective local ozone treatment
  • The ozone generators’s user-friendly concept allows for ease of use
  • The versatile settings options allow for individual adaptability to the patient’s treatment needs
  • Unit for water ozonation, optionally available
Ozongenerator OZONOSAN boardcase

Therapy methods

The ozone generator OZONOSAN boardcase is suitable for all kinds of the ozone/oxygen therapies. The following treatments can be performed:

  • Major autohemotherapy
  • Minor autohemotherapy
  • Rectal insufflation
  • Bag treatment
  • Low-pressure gas application with suction cup
  • Syringe sampling
  • Ozonized water – acts fungicidal and anti-bacterial and has good wound-healing properties
The major autohemotherapy with the ozone generator ozonosan boardcase

Technical specification ozone generator OZNOSAN boardcase

Ozone generator OZONOSAN boardcase
Device setup Portable suitcase with wheels
Mode of operation Normobaric infusion technique
Ozone concentration 1 bis 50 µg/ml
Flow rate 1 – 12 l/min, depending on concentration
Operating pressure0,5 bar
Ozone samplingSafety 3-way valve for syringe filling, continuous withdrawal and disposal of residual ozone
Vacuum pumpUp to -0.8 bar adjustable
Water treatment with ozoneWater Ozonization Unit optionally available
Dimensions [WxHxD]55 x 19 x 40 cm
Weight17,5 kg including oxygen cylinder
Electrical data230 V AC; 50 Hz; 1.2 A; Protection class I
Warranty2 years, 5 years for ozone tube and catalyst
technical data ozone generator boardcase

Documents on the ozone generator OZONOSAN boardcase

All relevant information on the OZONOSAN boardcase medical ozone generator can be viewed here.
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Product data sheet ozone generator OZONOSAN boardcase

The product data sheet contains all important information on the OZONOSAN boardcase ozone generator.

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