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Ozone generator OZONOSAN cytozon for dentistry

The Ozone Generator ideal for dentistry

Ozonized water has been used for eliminating bacteria, fungi and viruses in drinking and waste water as well as for detoxifying oysters and mussels or protecting fish against microbes.
Also using ozonized water for medical purposes has a long tradition. The medical use of ozonized Water also has a long tradition behind it: for wound cleansing, rinsing the mouth cavity, pre- and postoperatively and in disinfection in dentistry.
Would healing processes are accelerated, in the oral mucosa particularly during the first 48 hours after surgery. Under the influence of ozonized water after seven days, wounds attain epithelial occlusion, and cell division processes in the newly formed epithelium start earlier. Infected wounds, fresh burns and skin fungi can also be influenced favourably.

Time course of ozone concentration at different water qualities (µS/cm)

Ozone develops its optimal effect in aqueous medium. Thanks to its polar molecule structure it inserts perfectly into the polar water molecule grid. Hydrogen bonds stabilise ozone. Water quality, water column, ozone concentrations in the generator glass, temperature, pressure and time are among the decisive parameters determining concentration.

Product Highlights

  • Easy usage of the ozone water generator by means of a user-friendly concept
  • Fully automated ozonization of water with optimum ozone dosage
  • No complicated, error-prone operation – simply switch on and withdraw pure ozone water or ozone water/oxygen spray by means of a multi-purpose syringe according to the situative requirements
  • Additional outlet for ozone water withdrawal (bajonet fitting) for connecting additional devices, such as ultrasonic or piezosurgery
  • Adjustable volumetric flows, adjustable high-performance pumps
  • Highly efficient catalyzer system, auto-regenerative as essential prerequisite for effective and safe local ozone treatment

Therapy methods

Our ozone generator OZONOSAN cytozon is especially designed for dental medicine applications. Ozone water has a disinfecting and has good wound-healing properties. The produced ozone water is thus highly versatile. Examples of such applications are

  • rinsing of the mouth cavity in cases of gingivitis, periodontosis, soor, stomatotitis
  • as ozone water spray for cleaning the oral mucosa, especially interdental spaces
  • supporting application for surgical dentistry
  • ozone water jet for cleaning for dental prosthetics and surgical dentistry
  • Wound healing processes are accelerated, in the oral mucosa particularly during the first 48 hours after surgery
  • also for the treatment of burns or infected wounds in the form of ozone water compresses

Technical specification ozone generator OZNOSAN cytozon

Ozone generator OZONOSAN cytozon
Device setupTabletop unit
Mode of operationWater treatment with ozone
Ozone concentrationApprox. 80 µg/ml oxygen mixture
Approx. 15 µg/ml water
Water withdrawalWithdrawal of ozonized water via handpiece of water outlet tap
Water treatment with ozone1 l preparation
3 l reservoir
Dimensions [WxHxD] 20 x 50 x 45 cm
Weight20 kg
Electrical data 230 V AC; 50 Hz; 1.2 A; Protection class I
Warranty2 years, 5 years for ozone tube and catalyst
technical data ozone generator cytozon

Documents on the ozone generator OZONOSAN cytozon

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Product data sheet ozone generator OZONOSAN cytozon

The product data sheet contains all important information on the OZONOSAN cytozon ozone generator.

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Ärzte und Patienten sind überzeugt von OZONOSAN

Vor mehr als 60 Jahren entwickelte Dr. Joachim Hänsler den ersten Ozongenerator für medizinische Zwecke. Seitdem hat sich einiges getan, unverändert hoch ist allerdings die Zufriedenheit unserer mehr als 10.000 Kunden weltweit. Neben der kompromisslosen Fokussierung auf Qualität und Sicherheit überzeugen vor allem unsere wissenschaftlichen Beiträge zur Ozontherapie und unser exzellentes Beratungsnetzwerk.

Gerne helfen wir auch Ihnen bei Ihren Fragen – Sprechen Sie uns an.

Seit vielen Jahren setze ich mehrere Ozongeneratoren von OZONOSAN in meiner täglichen Arbeit als Zahnarzt ein. Vor allem der ausgezeichnete Service und die sehr hohe Qualität haben mich überzeugt.

Dr. med. Wilhelm Schüler, Zahnarzt und praktischer Arzt, Speyer

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