Literature on the Application of Ozone in Medicine

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The Ozonosan therapy system is complemented by our textbooks and manuals that, with their included studies, treatment concepts and dosage recommendations, are considered standard works in the field of ozone therapy.

English Literature


Ozone Oxygen Therapy
Information for patients

ozone therapy by fibromyalgia

Ozone Therapy by Fibromyalgia
and other chronic disorder syndromes

Therapy concepts for praxis and clinics
Author: Ziad Fahmy
ISBN 978-3-00-059337-6

Role of Ozone in elderly rheumatic patients

The Role of Ozone Therapy in Elderly Rheumatic Patient

Diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic aspects
Author: Ziad Fahmy
ISBN 978-3-00-047029-5


Ozone Therapy
Oxidative Conditioning, Basis for its Clinical Effectiveness

Author: Olga Sonia Léon Fernández
ISBN 978-3-934181-03-8


Ozone Pain Therapy by muscularsceletal and joint diseases.

Therapy concepts for praxis and clinics
Author: Ziad Fahmy
ISBN 978-3-00-039046-3


The Application of Ozone Therapy in Pain Management, Rheumatic and Orthopaedic Diseases

Book of Theumatology
Author: Ziad Fahmy
ISBN 978-3-00-023777-5


Ozone in Medicine

Ozone: Science and Engineering, Taylor & Francis, Vol. 34, Issue 6, 2012
Guest Editor: Dr. Renate Viebahn-Hänsler
ISSN 01919512 (2012) 34 (6)

Spanish Literature


Terapia de Ozono-Oxigeno
Informaciones para el paciente


El Condicionamiento Oxidativo, Fundamento De Su Eficacia Clinica

Author: Olga Sonia León Fernández
ISBN 978-3-934181-04-5