Consumables for Ozone Treatment

Transfusion Set and ozonosan Vacuum Bottle

For safe and efficient ozone treatment

Due to the high chemical reactivity of ozone, materials need to be selected very carefully in order to fulfil the high requirements placed on quality safety.
Dr. J. Hänsler exclusively develops and distributes high-quality consumables, suitable for ozone therapy.

All of our ozone generators and OZONOSAN consumables comply with the medical products law, the European directive 93/42 EEC, internationally applicable standards and are provided with the CE label and the identification number of the designated testing facility.

OZONOSAN vacuum bottle with citrate and patented microbubble system.

Vakuumflasche für die Ozonbehandlung

Plasma bottles applied as infusions bottles must by all means consist of glass in order to be applied in conjunction with ozone – as it is the case for our OZONOSAN vacuum bottles for major ozone autohemotherapy. According to the guidelines of the Medical Association of ozone applications in medicine all products imperatively need to be latex-free, in order to prevent dangerous allergic reactions.

OZONOSAN vacuum bottles are the only vacuum bottles available on the market that are provided with a latex-allergy-free plug and the original OZONOSAN micro-bubble system allowing for thorough and gentle blood ozonization. (source: Viebahn-Hänsler, R. et al, 2012. Ozone in Medicine: The Low-Dose Ozone Concept—Guidelines and Treatment Strategies: Ozone: Science & Engineering: Vol 34, No 6 (

To facilitate the handling of germ trap and transfusion set the plug is provided with markings. An OZONOSAN Patent in line with the guidelines for transfusion medicine This systems intended for major haemotherapy using ozone has been certified as Class IIb medical product and is provided with the CE label. CE 0123.

Our OZONOSAN vacuum bottle is also available without citrate as anticoagulant.

Rectal Insufflation using a dosing bellow

Rektale Insufflation mit Dosierbalg

The insufflation set consists of a 150 ml capacity dosing bellow, an ozone container provided with closing valve and a catheter coupled by means of a bacteria filter and an extension hose. Both ways are secured by opposed check valves. The container is directly filled at the intake-nozzle of the ozone generator using an adapter.

hose connector 75 cm
bacteria filter 0.2 µm
special catheter 18 Ch
ozone storage bag with shut-off valve 1.5 l
filling adapter

Plastic bag for local ozone treatment

Local treatment inside the transcutaneous dioxide bath Ozone-resistant plastic bag for lower legs and thighs.
Also the pouches consisting of ozone-resistant material are provided with a valve.

This ensures odourless ozone treatment.

Ozone-resistant disposable syringes

Disposable syringes of ozone-resistant material and completely siliconised.
Suitable for minor autohaemotherapy or local injections, e. g. used for pain therapy.

Class I s/m products CE 0482
Optimum ozone decay periods:
Half life (half of the ozone decays)
50 ml syringe: t 1/2 = 55 min
30 ml syringe: t 1/2 = 45 min

Customer Testimonials

Medical doctors and patients are convinced of OZONOSAN

More than 60 years ago, Dr. Joachim Hänsler developed the first ozone generator to be applied for medical purposes. Since then, a lot has changed. However, the satisfaction of our more than 10,000 global customers persists and remains high. Besides our uncompromising focus on quality and safety, our scientific contributions on ozone therapy and our excellent advisory network are particularly convincing.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would be more than happy to help.

For many years I have been using several ozone generators from OZONOSAN in my daily work as a dentist. Above all, the excellent service and the very high quality have convinced me.

Dr. med. Wilhelm Schüler, dentist and general practitioner, Speyer, Germany


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